Call for proposals

Proposals are invited from individuals and organizations, seeking support for original work, research or action or both in promoting the following Core Values:

  • Primacy of human values and relationships as a core of any organizational or societal existence and development
  • Deep humility, search for knowledge and awareness of others and their sensitivities
  • Organic, natural and ecological basis for life

Importance of small actions and experiments in demonstrating and igniting wide-ranging and pervasive changes. Proposals are invited from three categories of applicants:

1. Students – school, College or post-graduate levels – to carry out studies or action research or campaign on an original idea. Preference will be accorded to women students and students from rural, semi-rural and small-towns.
Proposal Ceiling: Rs. 25,000 for one year

2. Small organizations or group of individuals who are starting new and wish to work on or promote the above values. Preference will be given to new initiatives of work in the areas of eco-friendly NRM and related subjects, but located in tribal and other rural areas.
Proposal Ceiling: Rs. 50,000 for one year

3. Individuals or organizations who wish to communicate by written or audio-visual means about the viability and benefits of alternate view/s of life as highlighted above. Preference will be given to communications directed in vernacular and human/performing arts media.
Proposal Ceiling: Rs. 25,000 for one year

Proposals must reflect meticulousness, and attention to details on quality of thought, work and processes; personal Integrity and character of the applicant; and their commitment to the under-privileged, poor and marginalised. While readers of this advertisement may not be fulfilling the above criteria, the Fellowship requests you to kindly render/explain this to potential candidates, and help them prepare short proposals based on their ideas. We will be grateful for your support in promoting applicants who may not have access to formal English or vernacular media. Proposals may be a maximum of two pages of written matter and written in any language Рpreferably with a working English translation accompanying the proposal to facilitate easy assessment.

Only short-listed candidates will be invited and asked to meet with members of the network for interviews as necessary. Successful candidates will be provided support in their work by the Fellowship members, leading to production of original and valuable contributions, to be widely disseminated to public at large.

Please send in applications over e-mail to or mail a copy to Shrikant Joshi Shola Fellowship, c/o Keystone Foundation, PB No. 35, Groves Hill Road, Kotagiri, The Nilgiris (T.N.) 643 217.

* The Fellowship has been instituted and supported by friends of Shrikant Joshi (1953-2006), a great colleague and friend of many, and a champion of an alternate way of life working among the poor and marginalised.

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