Bihar – Here we are!

It did happen, finally. The Shola group, albeit small, made its way to Bihar after many attempts. The place outside Bodh Gaya, where we stayed, was fabulous and Sneh, has just put together our attempts at enlightening ourselves in Buddha’s home territory.

2006 – Pragati Resorts in Hyderabad

Pragati resorts provided the ideal away-locale from Hyderabad, to trace how societies change. Starting with the fort and sonnet lumiere at Golconda, the group re-lived history in walks and lunch through Charminar, to finally arrive at the glitzy hitech city…over three days, talking and breathing in changes that Hyderabad showed. Lovely spacious resort gave plenty […]

2008 Winter – Reflections in Devbagh

After the freedom shola in the Himalayas in the summer of 2008, it was the island of Devbagh, off Karwar, Karnataka, that beckoned the group in the winter of 2008. Organizational adolescence (yes, the thirteenth meeting) had come to demand a look at ourselves, in respect of our Shola years, also about how we reflected […]

1996 – All about Nilgiris in Kotagiri

The fellowship was born in the Sholas (pristine natural rainforests of South India) in 1996 when it met in Northern Hay, Kotagiri. The group of about 15, retraced the history of Nilgiris and surrounding areas, and did some modeling of resources, natural systems, institutions and tribals. Fond memories of a group charged with discussions, and […]

1997 – Motley Distractions again at Kotagiri

It met there again in 1997 (and as the organisers were sick and tired of fending for guests), but the refreshing thing was that there were a large number of participants, and the meeting witnessed presentations and discussions on topics as diverse as memory stones in tribal villages, building earthquake resistant structures in Himalayas, “living […]

1999 – Lifestyles at Shivpuri

The fellowship met the third time in no-member’s land by the banks of the Chand Paata Lake at Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh in 1999. By this time, the meetings were again organized around single themes and we took a stab at thinking about Lifestyles in Shivpuri. Remembered for list of tigers shot by hunter kings […]

2001 Winter – Spirituality in Almora

A freezing Almora in 2001 January depended on Spirituality to warm us up. The Kumaon Mandal lodge opened to the windy side and with no sun and little electricity, this small group really felt nature in the bones. A trip to Binsar was a delight, as were the tasty mountain vegetables and nettles. First time […]

2002 – Wealth at Dandeli

The Kali Resort in Dandeli, Karnataka brought us back in 2002 to reflect on Wealth. Despite sun-bathing crocs, paper factory spewing pollutants, and water-adventures taking place yonder, the group thought about what wealth really meant, and what each breath, moment and unit area of space meant in terms of money; or some were very wealthy […]