2003 – Fear in Jaisalmer

An unlikely location to discuss fear, Dhola Maru Hotel hosted the Jaisalmer fort walk and the sand dunes of Kuhuri. The first shola where children were of age and in numbers to assert their own group and a parallel little-shola activity schedule. Fear gripped all at daytime and loosened in the evenings with ghost-stories and […]

2004 – Creativity in the Sundarbans

With great luck and government reticence at the booking office in Kolkata, we avoided their lodge in Sundarbans, and hence found ourselves in small, beautiful set of privately run cottages in the island across. Creativity drew huge responses, elders dissecting it while children put it back in collages and pictures. A private area for entertainment, […]

2007 – Space amid the tigers of Bandhavgarh

Warm winter in Central India. An ordinary resort but an enthusiastic group, and even more charged drivers, in search of reducing space with bored sleepy tigers. Yes, and they were walking like dogs in the house and this horde of tourists screeching their Gypsies and taking bad photos petrified by close but indifferent airs of […]

2008 Summer – Freedom at Ranikhet

The lesson that Himalayas froze in winter was well-taken as the group returned to Ranikhet Holm Farms in June. It was freedom all the way and children and adults alike loved it! Table tennis, samosas at the market, mountain walks to drink rhododendron squash at Galbatia, and the first ever Shola where “work” was minimized […]