Rajashi Mukherjee

The NGO-woman who has worked on community development from Cal to Bhopal;now heads the American Water4people in India based in Kolkata. The singer and designer(felt R.Ramaswamy would abbreviate into RR and hence confuse with Andhra Restaurant, so..)


Ram (Mohan, D.)

The Aid worker who has seen many organizations and people from Azar Baijan to Orissa, and tides of fortunes from coastal Tamil Nadu to Indonesia. His wife Geetha, son Nikhil, and daughter Nandini have also attended Shola gatherings.


Shabnam (Ramaswamy)

Politician and leader based in Murshidabad, West Bengal. Runs a school, is the stree-shakti facilitator, and also helps women’s groups making and selling kanthas all over the world. The Tigress from where else.



Som(nath Sen)

Bihari turned mod. “Relieved” from two organizational positions by bosses, now pretends to be an independent researcher and consultant, but actually looks down people’s toilets. The sanitation and fire-worker (still looking for a chingari).

Ramaswamy (V.)

Activist, thinker and factory-owner (!) based in Kolkata. Sings, writes (two blogs and poetry), and is an avid commentator of social issues and human follies (e.g. CPM). The glass-blower and bard.



Rajiv (K. Raman)

Graduated above 24 volts, allegedly read management and turned into researcher and consultant to government, big corporates and multi-laterals, now based in Bangalore. The quiet saladeer and (so far) free-lancer.