Ranjan (B. Verma)

Management graduate who became a development researcher and consultant; done with many studies (aids, sanitation, electricity, education, watersheds), maps and GIS, is now a proud father and lives with his wife, Manisha, and lovely daughter Hrishita at Gurgaon.


Chau(dhuri), Ajit

Teacher-footballer turned organization man, former Chief of Care Today and now leads the Brit Grant-maker Paul Hamlyn Foundation in India, based at Delhi. The writer (very serious stuff with two blogs), sportsman and the gourmand (competition to some above)



Saju (Annie)

Teaches physics at Riverside Public School in Kotagiri, and has authored textbooks for science students in ICSE schools in India. The teacher and story-teller (not of ghosts)..

Mathew (John)

Management graduate turned eco-marketer and organics-trader, founded and works with Keystone Foundation, taking care of management and finance. The money-man and gourmand (eats all that moves, but not still life like vegetables).


Pratim (Roy)

Ecologist turned eco-manager and eco-logue, founded and works with Keystone Foundation, Kotagiri, amongst tribals in the Nilgiris. The organizer and the cook (specially aloo).