2008 Winter – Reflections in Devbagh

After the freedom shola in the Himalayas in the summer of 2008, it was the island of Devbagh, off Karwar, Karnataka, that beckoned the group in the winter of 2008. Organizational adolescence (yes, the thirteenth meeting) had come to demand a look at ourselves, in respect of our Shola years, also about how we reflected on “life” past, present and future, and what was it about the people and world around us. The blue canvass of the sea on one side of the island, was the colour to the freshwater brought by the River Kali and its tributary on the other side, the young meeting the seasoned and deep. We watched sunrises amidst the morning nature-walks, drew future visions on paper under trees, washed our lethargy away in the shallow afternoon tides, told stories and discussed life into the sunset punctuated by strumming of the guitar and white waves in the dark of the night.

Report forthcoming

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